Eat Vegan

with Fit Bites

Your go-to for quality vegan and vegetarian products.

Eat Your Favorite Meals Without the Guilt

You don’t have to choose between healthy and delicious. With Fit Bites, every food product is prepared with only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Taste the Fit Bites difference today.

Our Products

Food filled with the essence of nature.

  • Meat-like Products
  • Seafood-like Products
  • Shabu-shabu Fixings
  • Pinoy Favorites

    What we offer

    Here at Fit Bites, we offer meat-like products such as ham and Italian sausage; ready-to-cook seafood-like products such as lemon fish steak; shabu-shabu fixings; and Pinoy Favorites likes embotido and lumpiang shanghai that are not just healthy but also delicious.


    Promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through an all-natural food is our passion, and it can be yours too! Be a Fit Bites distributor or dealer.

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